Saturday, August 28, 2010

Full body tremors

Do you want to know what is super annoying?  Having tremors throughout your body.  It started about 2 months ago with just my fingers but now it has moved to my whole hands, arms and face; which I guess isn't my whole body but it is still very annoying.  They are so bad that when I drink from a glass you can hear the glass clanking against my teeth.  My kids are constantly asking me why I am shivering and I have no explaination for them except to lie and say that I am cold.  How do I explain tremors when I don't even know what is causing them?  The one medicine that I am on that could cause it is being reduced so I don't think it is due to that.  They are very annoying though and even though they are not causing me any pain, they are driving me nuts!!!!

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