Monday, November 1, 2010

Sorry that I have been gone for so long

I need to apologize to everyone for being out of touch for the past month.  I was in a cast on my hand which made it nearly impossible for me to type so I wasn't able to keep the blog updated but now the cast is off so I hope to keep it updated once again.
My life has been changing pretty rapidly over the past month since I have been unable to type.  My special group of friends and my immediate family raised close to $2000 for the Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens Walk Along for Lupus and I am so greatful for everyone for the donation and support.

I also got a part time job which I start today.  It is the ideal mother's hours.  My daughter goes to school full-time but my son goes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 9:30-2:30 so my job is MWF 10-2.  I'm very excited to have some of my own independency and some of my own money.

Again,  I apologize for being out of touch for so long but promise it will be better now that I am out of my cast.  Hope everyone else is doing well and I look forward to chatting again.

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