Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diet soda no more!!!!!

 As you all know, I have a major diet coke addiction but over the past few weeks, I have been cutting them down about about 1 per day which I'm very proud of.  Well, today, because I didn't feel well, I lapsed back into my bad behavior and had more than I should have.  Guess is is 2am and I'm awake because I was laying in bed with such bad twitches that once again the whole bed was shaking.  This hadn't happened in about a week and it got me thinking to what triggered it the last time and I realized the last time was when I had more than a few diet sodas in a day.  I had been getting the "twitches" on a pretty regular basis but then they had gone away until last week and then again today.  The neurologist had been chalking them up to my CNS involvement but could it be due to the diet soda?????

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  1. May I suggest you read what type of chemicals in food trigger Lupus. Diet and sugar free products are not good.