Sunday, August 7, 2011

Truly hate days like this

I truly hate days when I wake up and it takes every effort to just move from my bed to the couch.  I feel like such a bad mommy when I feel like I can't interact with the kids.  Yes, there basic needs are met and this is only one day but it is still a day out of their lives where I feel useless to then.  They had fun playing together and then we watched movies on the couch but I still feel so drawn.   I think everything has finally caught up to me.  Fortunately, it is Sunday so I was able to do this I just hope that by tomorrow I have more energy.


  1. I hate those days too, but I no longer have little ones at home I have grandchildren now. just remember a inch is a cinch a yard is hard don't stress about tomorrow tomorrow will have it's own anxiety

  2. Hello, first time blog. I'm 42 and not sure of what type of lupus I have. I'm in a lot of pain and needed someone to talk too..I'm a very stong person,"but" this is about to break me, my skin even hurts. I'm a very active person and I usually work through the pain, It is getting harder to do and my husband is begging me to go to the Doctor huh....more test I'm so sick of being tested!! Depression has set in and I need a shoulder to cry on..I have 8 beautiful grandkids and they all love their Nana (I'm a kid myself) it was so hard this week, I could hold them, my muscle felt like barb wire in them and burned and sting,,,,Im sorry I don't mean to complan, God gave me a beautiful family....the pain..Please stop..just until I catch my breath!!!!