Monday, May 17, 2010

Here we go again

So, I made the mistake of saying out loud that my lupus was quiet and that I was doing awesome.  That all changed on Friday.  Halfway through the day I started with severe pain which was held at bay by percocets but finally by Sunday I started having a hard time breathing so it was off to the ER for me.  It was once again determined that I had swelling around my lungs, heart and other parts of my body.  Back to pain meds and high doses of prednisone I go.
I"m so frustrated by this as I had been doing so good and was even exercising only to be struck down by this now.  I was starting a program called the couch to 5K program and made it through the first week and was so excited to start week #2 but now I am scared to death to try to exercise again.

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