Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids Remember EVERYTHING

As I was driving today, my son said "Mommy, make sure you stop and don't crash into the car again."  I had a minor fender bender about 2 months ago and they remember that but never remember the good things that we do for them.  It got me thinking to what I was like as a child and how many times I have reminded my mom about me walking around with a broken finger because she didn't think I was injured.  Oops, she was human and made a mistake but how often do I remind her of how safe and loved I felt by her?  Never!
I think as children it is just ingrained in us to expect unconditional love from our moms and when we get that love we take it for granted and the negatives stand out to us children since we are selfish by nature.  As I thought more about it I realized that the more our children pick on our negatives, the safer and more loved they feel by us since they don't need to worry about being loved unconditionally.  So, I guess I should be honored, along with all moms, when my children constantly remember the times that I do something wrong;)

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