Saturday, January 16, 2010

My poor baby girl

Even though I can hardly type, I needed to come on here and write aout the guilt that my poor little girl is dealing with and how I dont know how to handle it.  I've been in a cast since Tuesday and on Friday had to go into the hospital for a simple gi procedure.  I didnt make a big deal of either things and the kids just knew that they were dropping me off and picking me up 3 hours later.  I thought everything was fine...that was until today.
I was coloring with my 5 year old when all of a sudden she got very cuddly and asked if she was being a good girl today.  I told her yes and that i loved her.  She then asked me if she kept being a good girl would it make it so i wasnt sick anymore.  I gave her the biggest hug and told her that she had nothing to do with mommy's sickness, that it was due to the Lupus.  She said OK but it was obvious that it was still on her mind.  She asked if she rubbed my arm, would it help, she asked if hugs would help.  I said yes, that all would help but that none of it was her fault.  I really dont know how to deal with her concerns.
We did a mommy-daughter manicure/pedicure today and talked about a lot of things but I know that she still doesnt believe that it isnt her fault.  I really dont know what to do and it is breaking my heart.  I wish I could take all of her fears away but she is so sensitive and so intuitive that she can read me like a book.
I will be having inpatient surgery on Feb 1st and spending the night in the hospital and I am really concerned how she will handle it.  I love her so much and this stupid disease is hurting her.  I can handle it hurting me but not my children.  I am so mad right now. 
Please help me to figure out a way to ease her fears.

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