Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Today, we got another snowstorm and are stranded in the house for yet another day.  I'm still recovering from the surgery so trying to find some fun things to do with a 4 & 5 year old can sometimes be difficult.  However, today, I think we had a pretty creative day and thought I would share what we did so that if there are any other home-bound days we can still have fun.

1.  Sent the kids out in the snow in the backyard and watched them sled down a very very small hill from the warm comforts of my kitchen.
2.  I had picked up some little statues from Michael's so we spent about an hour painting them today
3.  A nice warm bath with toys that we hardly ever play with
4.  A family movie, cuddle time
5.  Playing Wii
6.  Coloring
7.  Playing with toys that had been stowed away for days just like this
8.  Putting on a puppet show

Considering the kids were up at 5:30am and it is now almost 5:00pm and they have only watched a few hours of TV, I feel like today was a success...but, man, am I tired!!!

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