Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm so excited!!!!!  I must be feeling better because I just booked a trip for my husband and I to St. Lucia for August.  I do feel bad going without the kids but feel that my husband and I need this time to reconnect.  C and I have been through so much over the past few years between him switching jobs recently and all of my health problems that we have really lost touch with each other.  We still love each other very much but have turned into roommates so hopefully a week trip to St. Lucia will help us.  I know that we need this for us to help us "survivive" but I can't believe we are leaving the kids for a whole week.  They will be in great hands with my parents but can't believe we are doing it.  I'm very excited but also very nervous to leave them for so long.  However, I've learned that I give all that I have to my children and often C gets forgotten along with myself so this will be a much needed reconnection. Don't they always say that a Happy Mommy makes for a happy house;)

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