Friday, July 16, 2010

Back into NYC today

I'm dreading the trip back into the city today but I my rheumy wants to see me again so I am heading back into the city to the hospital to see her.  I'm not sure what I am more anxious about...going into the city myself or going to see her.  I'm taking the train and then a cab into the city since I chickened out on driving in but also don't want to get stuck in Friday afternoon traffic, which I am sure that I would.  I think she is going to have all of my bloodwork back so I'm sure we will go over that and also discuss what the next steps will be for me...I assume it will be increasing the CellCept medication but only time will tell.  I'll try to update after my appointment with how it goes.

On a good night, the kids are ecstatic to have our babysitter, Kylie, coming over to stay with them!!!!  They have so much fun with her and it is great to know that they don't miss me when I am gone for the day.

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