Saturday, July 17, 2010

I officially have Lupus, again!

One of the side reasons that I chose to see another new rheumatologist was to get a second opinion to make sure that I do in fact have Lupus since the treatment over the past 2 years hasn't really helped much; yesterday it was confirmed that I do in fact meet the criteria for Lupus.  In order to have Lupus, you need to meet at least 4 out of the 11 ACR criteria and off the top of my doctor's head we got to 7 and then stopped counting.  I was glad to hear this because at least I knew we had been fighting it all along but also kinda felt back to the beginning since we are still trying to get a medication regime to work for me.
I spent about 45 minutes with just her and I talking and discussing options and right now we are going to "max" out my "big gun" med in the hopes of getting me off the prednisone.  I will need to go for weekly bloodtests but if all goes well, then I won't need to see her again until the middle of August which is great.  I feel so much more comfortable with this doctor than anyone that I have in the past and truly believe that she can get me stable.

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