Friday, July 9, 2010

Waiting for another call

Well, I spoke with my new rheumy on Tuesday and we decided to keep everything as is until today.  I was supposed to call her first thing in the morning today to check in and see what our next steps will be.  I called first thing this morning and now it is 4pm on a Friday afternoon so I am not holding my breath that she is going to call back.  I'm upset because we were supposed to discuss other meds to get off the prednisone in the hopes that I could start them soon but it doesn't look like that is going to happen until next week at the earliest.  Another irrational thought that I have is that she has received all of my bloodwork and past records and decided that she just doesn't want me to be her patient.  I completely understand that it is irrational but after being burned and told my pain was in my head by my primary care doctor, I am a little leary of doctors.  Hopefully I will be able to come on tomorrow and update the blog with some good news that I spoke to my doctor but don't hold your breath.

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