Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guess there is reason to hope

I thought I would update about how my appointment went yesterday with the new rheumatologist.    As you know, I didn't hold out much hope for relief since it was going to be my first appointment with her but she really gave me reason to hope.  She mentioned two new medicines that have never been brought to my attention before and one in particular that she feels would really help me.  She ordered 10 vials worth of blood tests to be run since she wants her own records and wanted the blood run right from her office.  I am supposed to give her a call on Tuesday to decide how to go from there.  In the meantime she has tripled one of my medications to see if that will help with my chest pains and I think it is so far.  She also was not happy that I was taking 15-20 Tylenol a day so she prescribed a narcotic to help with the pain also.  I left there feeling like I was in better hands than I have been in for a long time.

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  1. Hello,

    I learned about your blog from the Lupus Now magazine. I've had Lupus for many years but was only diagnosed over a year ago. In the last 7 years I've been through 4 pregnancies, and have 3 children (we lost our 3rd preganancy at almost 9 months). Being a mother with children has limitations I never anticipated. It can be a very confusing and frustrating journey. There are so many things I want to do but can't within the limitations of my Lupus issues. I've enjoyed reading your blog because it makes me feel a little more understood. I'm not the only mom who deals with the unique issues of a chronic illness.