Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Always Blessed!

Today, while having a playdate at a friend's house, we were talking about having good days and bad days and how this time of the year can be so chaotic that it can make for more bad days than good days.  These bad days could be due to spouses, financial reasons, pain, bad health, children and just plain stress but no matter what they all combine to make bad days.  I mentioned how the other day, I had a wicked pity party for myself but had snapped out of it very quickly and a friend said "Well you have to or you would spend life upset and it is important to count your blessings everyday"... 

This really got me to thinking about how fortunate I truly am and how much I should count my blessings.  Yes, I have lupus and it is part of me and my family but it doesn't make me who I am...
--I'm blessed to be my own person and still be healthy enough to do many of the same things that I could do if I didn't have Lupus.
--I'm blessed that there is such a thing as modern medicine which allows me to be as functional as I am
--I'm blessed that my husband has a good job so that we can afford my medications and doctors' apts.
--I'm blessed to have wonderful friends to support me.
and most of all, I'm blessed to have a wonderful family, with a loving husband and two adoring children.
These are things that I need to remember each and every day; especially on the bad ones.

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