Monday, December 7, 2009

Individual DVD Players are a Godsend

I've learned over the past few years since I've had children and my lupus has become active that it can be very difficult to bring children with me to the doctors.  As of right now, I go to a rheumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist...the list goes on, you get the point.  Between all of these docs I generally am at a doctor at least 2-3 times per month and they are never quick appointments. 

Because my children are still too young to be in school full time I have to take them with me; it is a huge treat for me when my husband can watch them and I can go by myself.   However, 99% of the time they come with me and each time I break out into a cold sweat wondering how I am going to keep them busy for the 1-2 hours that we are going to be there.  Fortunately, we discovered lollipops and individual DVD players.  These are my godsends.  Prior to each doctor visit, we go to the library, get a new DVD for each of them and they spend the time eating their pops and watching movies.  I get so many compliments on how well-behaved my children are!!!!

I have no clue what people did before portable DVD players.

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  1. I was touched by your blog posts and that you want to reach out to others who are dealing with chronic disease while rasing a family. I hope that it is a process that helps you and your husband. I am sure there are many people who will enjoy reading it and get some hope from it. I don't have a chronic disease per se but I can relate to some of your feelings. I had a car accident in 2003 and while most of the time now (after a lot of physical therapy) I am fine, sometimes I have to take a lot of pain killers for a few days. Everytime I think about having kids, I think "how could I put my body through that stress and not take pain killers for nine months?" and I also wonder about those days or weeks when I just can't move, how would I deal with a child who needs my attention? I know you don't have a choice now... and actually I think you are blessed that you were able to have your pregnancies before the issues came up. I hope the kids give you energy sometimes too. I am really glad to hear that you have such a supportive husband and knowing you, I know you are a wonderful mom. Thanks for sharing your story.