Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Energy Needed

I'm often faced with the words "Mommy, come play with me."  Unfortunately, this often comes in the afternoon when I am absolutely exhausted and trying to relax on my bed while they play together.  I would LOVE to have the energy to get on the floor and wrestle with them like my husband (the fun parent) does but between pain and exhaustion, I just can't.  So...we've discovered some great games that mommy can play that both my son and daughter like to play that really doesn't require any movement on my part.  I thought I would list them so that maybe it would help some of you.

1...House-->I'm the baby and just lay there;)
2...Restaurant-->One is the waiter and one is the chef while I am the customer.
3...School-->I'm the teacher and they work on letters/coloring and that sort of thing.
4...Simon Says
5...Red Light/Green Light
6...Dance Show/Freeze Dance-->Surprisingly my son loves this just as much as my daughter
7...Who can pick up the fastest?--->This is a great one as it allows them to pick up their rooms and get a   quarter if they do it the fastest and best.
8...Racecar Barbies-->Best of barbies and cars...who can race around the playroom the fastest with a  barbie in a barbie car.
9...ShrinkyDinks-->These can keep my kids occupied for at least 30 minutes between the coloring and shrinking in the oven.
10...Playdoh-->I know that this can often be very messy but sometimes it is so worth the hour that it will  keep them occupied; I actually like playing with it
11...Playing with aluminum foil-->This may sound bizarre but my kids like playing with it and making different statues, hats and other things that only kids can come up with.
12...Some generic non-messy craft-->Michael's is one of my favorite stores;)
13...McDonald's or Burger King-->The play area's in certain restaurants are geared to different ages and of course some are cleaner than others but we have a few that are great and I will often go there for an hour, order a drink for the three of us and let them go nuts while I sit.

If all else fails and they are still hyper then a nice quiet cuddle in my bed while watching a movie and eating popcorn usually works; we usually call this our PJ party night.

I'd love to hear from all of you if you have any other ideas as I'm always trying to find things that actually work well for both of my children and also allow me to relax on the couch.


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