Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Dreams

As soon as we got married, I wanted to have children but my husband wanted to wait so we waited about 16 months or so before we decided to start having children. At the time, my Lupus was quiet and I was not on any medications so at the time I didn’t think of the ramifications my illness would have on my future children. Lupus was the farthest thing from my mind….getting pregnant was in the front of my mind;)

I was very fortunate that I got pregnant easily and carried my beautiful daughter to 37 weeks when she was born in 2004. Throughout the pregnancy and after it, I didn’t really think about my Lupus; it was part of who I was but it was not running my life. Three months after having my daughter, we became pregnant with my son, who was born at 36 weeks in 2005; we officially had “Irish Twins” and were ecstatic. Life went on and Lupus continued to be in the back of my head. I had to take 1 medication but I was a “normal” mommy.

Unfortunately, that all changed in March 2008. In March, I underwent minor, ambulatory surgery but unfortunately got an infection from being intubated and this was the start of Lupus coming to the front of my mind again. I need to preface that my Lupus is considered mild in comparison to others who have organ involvement; I’m fortunate that my kidneys and liver are not involved. I have joint, central nervous system, skin and neurological involvement.

The point of this blog is to not complain about my lupus or discuss how many medications that I am on but to talk about the trials and tribulations of having a family and raising young children with a chronic disease. I’ve just wanted to give everyone my story so that you may understand some of my thoughts.

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