Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mommy Guilt

I read all of the comments that everyone writes in and to be honest I absolutely love them and look forward to reading them everyday.  One comment, in particular, really touched me as it was a reality check for me that just because I am living with a chronic disease, I am not the only one that deals with mommy guilt.  There are so many other things in life that can give us mommy guilt, such as divorce, working, financial strains and the list goes on and on.  I started thinking about it and there are quite a few things that give me mommy guilt that have nothing to do with my disease so I thought I would list them to see if anyone else has the same mommy guilt. 

1.  Reprimanding my child right before they go to bed.  I hate that it is the last thing they remember before going to bed.
2.  Making them clean up a mess that daddy helped make.
3.  Forcing them to ride in carseats when most of their friends ride in booster seats.
4.  Taking their money from their piggy banks when I need a few bucks and don't want to go to the ATM.
5.  Sending my children to bed hungry when they refuse to finish dinner.
6.  Not realizing that my children are sick and sending them to school only to get a call to come get them.
7.  Having to do housework instead of playing with them.
8.  Not allowing them to do something, like painting, because I don't want to have to deal with the mess.
9.  Not hearing them at night when they have a bad dream and waking up to them standing next to my bed saying, "I had a bad dream.  Why didn't you come when I called you?"
10.  I think the biggest thing that makes me have huge mommy guilt is when I loose my patience with them and raise my voice; seeing the look on their faces is enough to make me cry.

I'd love to see some comments from everyone else about some things that give them mommy guilt so I know that I am not alone in this part of motherhood.

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  1. You are definitely not alone with this one. I suffer from mommy guilt all the time and would have to agree with your list in its entirety. When I am feeling ill or especially tired, my patience can be thread bare. I have to remind myself over and over again that they are only little once and what we do and say has such a lasting effect on our kids. I also suffer from guilt b/c as the "non working" parent I feel that I should have more patience. I don't have a "job" to go to or be at a conference. My main responsibilities are my kids. Friends without children will jokingly say, you chose this path...Yes, I did, and I am proud of it and wouldnt' trade it in for anything....but just like in any job, we have our bad days and good days. I think keeping ourselves aware that it's ok to make mistakes,or not be a perfect parent just as we tell or children, helps us to keep a grip on not going overboard with the feelings of guilt.