Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Without wonderful friends what would I do?

About 3 years ago, when my lupus was nice and quiet, we decided to move about 3-4 hours from my major support system that I had.  This support system included having my family not to far away and having some lifelong friends within an hour of me.  My illness made us question the move but (stupidly) we figured that since my lupus had been well-controlled for about 5 years that it would continue to be that way.  Boy, were we wrong!!

The first thing I did when we moved was join a mommy group...little did I know, these friends would become my saviors.  Over the 3 years, we have built friendships that have allowed me to share my illness with them.  When I have been at one of my worst times (and there have been a lot lately), I actually had a friend call me and say "I'm coming over.  When do you want me?"  She wasn't taking no for an answer, which is what I needed; I try to do everything myself and rarely ask for help.  They have all learned that I don't ask for help and have stopped offering it; instead they just do it.  Whether it is food, babysitting or just listening to me; they are my saviors.

I'm also very fortunate that even though my family is so far from us they give me the support I need also, even though they can't always be with me the phone conversations allowing me to vent help immensly.

So, I just want to say Thank You so much to all of you, without you I don't know how I would have survived the last 2 years.

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  1. Thank you for making me cry =p Love you much Cory (I'm one of the mommy group moms!)